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> How do you handle contrary-to-fact conditions and conclusions in your conlang(s), such as "If I were you, I wouldn't do that"?

Ilion uses the subjunctive mood for contrafactuals (and hypothetical
statements generally). It's applied to the verb of the matrix clause,
which is the apodosis*. I realize "subjunctive" is a bit of a misnomer
here since it's not limited to dependent clauses, but I prefer it to
"irrealis". Aspect and tense are independent of mood in Ilion verbs,
so there are no restrictions there.

For a brief moment I'd considered having a transitive modal auxiliary
for conditionals. Then sanity kicked in.

Ekmar Tenkar, Kulaqil, and Samadurian are still up in the air.

*Mood marking on the verb of the protasis is the difference between an
"if" conditional (subjunctive) and a "when" conditional (indicative).
The imperative is probably not allowed in this position.