I hope you are not utterly disappointed to learn that it's arbitrary
syllable dropping. Ytterby means 'outer village' and contains the word I
just mentioned in another thread.

Not surprisingly there are several other Ytterby, including one not far
from here.


Den söndagen den 16:e december 2012 skrev Eric Christopherson:

> On Dec 11, 2012, at 7:59 PM, Herman Miller wrote:
> > But eventually the discoverers of elements run out of ideas for names
> and start naming them after places and people. We've got four elements
> named after Ytterby, Sweden.
> Sort of off-topic -- I've wondered for a while what the *linguistic*
> connection between those four elements' names is; e.g. are there four
> dialect forms for the village? or were (partial) syllables just dropped
> arbitrarily dropped from the base name ytterbium?
> I do know there's a surname Yttri, which I would *think* would be the
> actual origin of _yttrium_.