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>_Amazing Grice_
>by Sai, Alex Fink — with apologies to Paul Grice and John Newton

FWIW I'm not totally happy stylistically with this, partly (tho not entirely) 'cause I ceded to Sai in a couple points where he wanted greater echoes of the original and I thought that didn't flow as well.  

Also, I don't think the theme's right.  One of the important things about Grice's theory is that people flout them for ordinary communicative purposes: as it were, yomi layer 2 [0] on bad communicative strategies is usual.  So if this is to be written as someone describing how to use Gricean behaviour to malicious ends, the _clever_ way to do that would be yomi later 3.  But this is basically just yomi layer 1, i.e. communicate in clearly dysfunctional ways...