Reading the article prompted me to buy a Lulu copy of both Ithkuil and
Beyond Antimony.

What, though, is the justification for Ithkuil's centenary numerical
system? What failing is it attempting to correct?


On Sat, Dec 15, 2012 at 1:56 AM, John Q <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello all:
> Way back in April, 2011, I announced in a post within the “Artlangs and
> Engelangs” thread that a journalist I met at LCC2 had talked me into
> visiting the Ithkuil study group in Kiev, Ukraine that I had been told
> about the year previously while I was at the conference in Kalmykia that
> some of you may remember.
> Anyway, to update:  I made the trip to Kiev in May 2011 accompanied by the
> journalist in question (Joshua Foer, author of last year’s best-selling
> non-fiction book “Moonwalking with Einstein”).  We spent four days with the
> group of psychonetics students there who are formally studying my conlang
> Ithkuil.  Dr. Oleg Bakhtiyarov, the leader of the psychoneticists was also
> in attendance (he is the person responsible for my original trip to the
> Russian Republic of Kalmykia back in July 2010).
> The Kiev trip was a fascinating experience – and the article about it that
> Joshua has taken well over a year to write will be appearing in the
> December 24th issue of the New Yorker magazine (available on U.S.
> newsstands and online at this coming Monday, December
> 17th).  I’ve not yet seen the article myself, but I believe it contains a
> section about conlanging in general that mentions several other conlangs.
> As readers of the article will discover, Joshua did follow-up
> investigative work on these psychoneticists to get to the bottom of what
> they’re really up to.  Apparently there’s a lot more than meets the eye to
> the whole psychonetics thing and their interest in Ithkuil -- in ways that
> are quite ominous and of which I had been completely unaware.
> Should be an enjoyable read!
> --John Q.