There are also some interesting deictic or pronominal patterns in Loglan
and Lojban.

                Let’s take a look at Loglan:

                Mi – I

                Tu – You

                Da, de, di, do, du – He, she, it, they

                Ba, be, bi, bo, bu – Someone, something

                Ti – This

                Ta – That

                And in Lojban:

                Mi – I/we

                Do – Thou/ye

                Zo’e – Some unspecified value

                Ti – This/these

                Ta – That/those

                Tu – That/thoes far away

                If I remember, right, those two languages can cheat though
by using any letter as a third person pronoun (or pro-sumti I suppose).

                However, aUI takes the cake for sound symbolism:

                F – This

                P – Before

                B – Together

                T – Towards

                D – Through

                K – Above

                G – Inside

                As for Princess Ozma, she’s been using her loopy hair to
sign in Rikchik.  I can’t tell you whether she has an Ozian accent in
Rikchik or not, since I don’t really know how accents work in Rikchik.  Perhaps
one can “drawl” in Rikchik.  Ozma won’t be going home until after the
Holidays though, after which I’m sure she’ll be able to see some of the
interwebs in her magic mirrors.