For the past couple weeks I've been working on a utility for doing a
bunch of stuff with text called Kreative Recode:

It's a general-purpose tool, but it has a bunch of features of
interest to conlangers. For example:

- Replace Unicode characters in an HTML file with HTML entities - for
conlangers making websites.
- Perform a character frequency analysis on a piece of text - I found
this very useful while making Mikianan Scrabble. :)
- Convert Deseret or Shavian text from the old CSUR encoding to the
accepted Unicode encoding.
- Convert Tengwar or Cirth text from the 1998 proposed encoding to the
updated 2001 proposed encoding.
- Convert X-SAMPA (or CXS) text to Unicode IPA characters (or vice-versa).
- Uppercase, titlecase, and lowercase transformations for conscripts
in the UCSUR (Verdurian, Glaitha-A, and Wanya).

Of course if anyone ever has a need for a program that does X with
their text, I can probably easily create it as an addition to this
program. :)

Have fun with it!

-- Rebecca Bettencourt