Less than 6 hours until it's New Years Day here, and I'm still
flip-flopping about how I'm going to approach my new 30-day conlang
project. I was originally going to do it in the form of a textbook, but the
problem with that is that to write a chapter about some particular element
of grammar I need to know everything about that element already. The other
problem is that by following the outline of a different language textbook I
end up with a lot of mismatches between how the textbook language does
things and how the conlang will do them. For example, chapter XXIX of my
model textbook is titled "Haber, saber, and conocer" which will probably
not be appropriate for any conlang that's not a Spanish relex.

At the moment, I'm leaning toward using this text:

It has 801 sentences so I would have to translate 25 to 30 sentences per
day, and invent the grammar and vocabulary to support those daily
translations. 30 sentences seems pretty do-able, so I may take the approach.

On the other hand, I already built 30 empty textbook HTML pages. Of course
there's no content in any of them so throwing them away is not a big loss.

I'll sleep on it, and when I wake up tomorrow morning I'll just do whatever
strikes my fancy. By this time tomorrow I should have something ready to
post for the first day. Either the first 30 sentences and accompanying
grammar from the reader, or the first chapter of the textbook.