I can give you one out of three: every speech has a URL, e.g.

Maybe I should include links back from lines to the speech in which they occur?

Stage directions are treated as "lines" in the XML source (!), and there is nothing about Quarto vs. Folio.


On 13/01/2013 19:22, stuart yeates wrote:
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So, my question is whether this is a useful thing to have done. And, if
it is, how would such persistent URLs be deployed in a TEI setting, so
that it becomes possible to find all the comments which have been made
about a particular line of Shakespeare.

I think that's both an interesting and a useful thing to do.

I might have done it differently (in particular including stage directions; speech-level identifiers and a mechanism for specifying the First Quarto vs the First Folio); but to see it done is great!


Richard Light