I'm using roma2 from svn r11425. I think that Roma is incorrectly 
generating the context of rules for elements in non-TEI namespaces (or 
I'm missing some hint that I'm supposed to be giving it).

I'm attaching a minimal test ODD, which includes the elementSpec:
<elementSpec prefix="x" ident="TEST" ns="" 
mode="add" module="test">
<memberOf key=""/>
<memberOf key=""/>
<content xmlns:rng="">
<rng:ref name="ptr"/>
<constraintSpec ident="test-1" scheme="isoschematron">
<sch:ns prefix="x" uri=""/>
<sch:assert test="true()">Doesn't matter.</sch:assert>

The generated RelaxNG has the correct namespace.

However, the relevant generated schematron is:
<pattern id="TEST-constraint-test-1">
<rule context="tei:TEST">
<assert test="true()">Doesn't matter.</assert>

where the context is tei:TEST, instead of x:TEST.


Efraim Feinstein
Lead Developer
Open Siddur Project