On Wed, 2013-01-02 at 09:21 -0500, John P. McCaskey wrote:

> It feels non-obvious, but it makes sense. I think.
I've reviewed the parts of the TEI documentation that were not fresh in
my mind and now think that <biblStruct> would model the poem/book or
poem/book/series relationship (if the book happens to be part of a
series on poetry) better than <biblFull> would. I find the relationship
between a poem encoded with <analytic> and the book it appears in
encoded with <monogr> to be cleaner than trying to make that
relationship fit the constraints of <biblFull> (non-obvious indeed).

It so happens that in 2008 there was a discussion on <biblStruct> vs
<biblFull> in this very list:;EFMqmw;20080517164027%2B0200

I've found it instructive.