On 1/18/13 11:16 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On 18 Jan 2013, at 15:54, Martin Mueller <[log in to unmask]>
>   wrote:
>> I did successfully download the package and after poking around a little
>> figured out that I should move the unzipped 'tei' directory into the
>> 'frameworks' directory of the 'oxygen' directory in the 'Applications'
>> directory of my Mac.
> This is/was clearly documented somewhere, I am sure.

I take this a compliment from Sebastian that he has great confidence in 
the ability of people like me to keep up with his prodigious software 
development and can therefore keep our shadow documentation up to date. 
  Some of us do what we can at:

and I have in fact just added a note to this page that you might be 
better off downloading the oxygen-tei framework mentioned in this thread.

As you can see, this wiki page is called "tei-xsl".  Sebastian's 
stylesheet package has always gone by various names, and at the time I 
created this wiki page, it seemed to me that "tei-xsl" was the most 
stable of these names.  In recent years, however, I've never seen that 
name used.  I am happy to rename the page once we agree on a catchy name 
for the software package: it will certainly help people find 
documentation for it when googling the new name of the software.

I welcome your help in making this documentation easier to use. 
Perhaps, if it gets good enough, we can even add a link to it from and .