Umm, I just wanted to confirm that @style was a fairly recent addition . . .

On 1/19/2013 2:43 PM, Syd Bauman wrote:
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Is there a place I can look to see in what release a particular
element or attribute was added, deprecated, or removed?
Well, yes and no. Yes there is, but it's not singular, and it's not
necessarily easy. The "ReleaseNotes" directory[1] has a list of
readily available change logs and readme files from releases as far
back as mid-2005. For the most part the editors and council have been
thorough about documenting new elements in these files.

a) it is *possible*, although unlikely, that your particular element
   fell through the cracks and is not so documented, or
b) you might be interested in either P5 before 2005-06 or P1 through

If (a) seems to be the case, you can of course, perform archival
research on the open source repository P5 uses on Sourceforge[2].
This requires a bit of knowledge about how the Guidelines are put
together and how to use at least Sourceforge if not CVS or SVN. So if
you plan to do a lot of historical research on TEI, you should
acquire those skills. If you only want to know about a particular
element and don't already have those skills, just ask. I'd be happy
to poke around for you.

Earlier versions of the Guidelines are also readily available[3], but
not the revision history. I don't actually know off the top of my
head if revisions of P3 and earlier were even kept; for P4 the
revisions are in a proprietary format stored only at Oxford, and they
don't want to give it out. But again, if you're interested in a
particular element, I bet one of the Oxford TEI folks would poke
around for you.


[2] Use for
    2005-01 to mid-2006, and for
    2006-05-11 to present.