Great work James!

I downloaded new versions of tei_all.*, and before checking them into 
version control checked their license. Am I right in thinking that the 
license on these is the same as the "TEI material" license in the footer 
of ?

Since these kinds of schemas are commonly included into other projects 
and otherwise independently distributed, wouldn't in make sense to 
include the licensing information embedded in the files themselves?


On 18/01/13 11:37, James Cummings wrote:
> Dear TEI Community,
> TEI P5 version 2.3.0 (Codename: Betty White) is now available from all
> the usual sources, such as the TEI-C website and SourceForge. The debian
> packages, TEI-C XSL, and oxygen-tei framework will be updated fairly
> soon. This release introduces both textual and schema-related changes,
> new features and a significant number of bug fixes.  Mostly these are
> based on bug and feature request tickets submitted to SourceForge by the
> TEI community. If you notice anything that has changed in error, or want
> to submit additional changes, please do so on the
> website.
> We have continued in our aim of opening up the release process to as
> many different people on Council and in this case the newly elected Hugh
> Cayless (NYU Digital Library Technology Services) was the release
> technician. Able assistance was also given by several other council
> members on the TEI IRC channel (see
> for more information). As always this has produced a set of notes for
> how to improve the release process that will be fed back into
> for future
> releases. The greatest thanks are due not only to the TEI Technical
> Council for undertaking the work, but the TEI community for submitting
> tickets!
> A text version of the release notes is below, but a version (with links)
> is available at:
> Many thanks to all,
> James Cummings
> (TEI Technical Council Chair)