Hi Frédéric,

Just FYI: The Livingstone rules aren't mine. I don't have anything to do with the project.

In fact, I don't yet know if I like some of the Livinsgstone rules. They create challenges for users of TEI files, such as myself.


On 1/28/2013 3:53 AM, Frédéric Glorieux wrote:
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Your encoding rules are very interesting.

. . . .

About milestones for "couillards", I'm not agree. My understanding of
milestones is the covering of the text with a sectioning scheme
incompatible with the logical tree, like pages <pb/>, or thematic
analysis. "couillards" are always compatible with the paragraphs flow,
and the sections.
For what seems to be this very purpose, The David Livingstone Spectral
Imaging Project uses
   <milestone unit="section" rend="line" />
   <milestone unit="section" rend="2-lines" />
   <milestone unit="section" rend="3-lines" />

Had Livingstone been French, the project might be using
   <milestone unit="section" rend="astérisme" />

-- JPM