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> is there any possibility to define to which depth e.g. a ToC will be generated when I use <divGen>?
> If I wanted a ToC at the beginning of every <div> which contains only the children <div>, how would I do that?

I would (ab)use @rend on <divGen>,  and change the XSL template which does the work to look at that

  <divGen rend="depth3"/>

> Would it be an attribute on the element <divGen> to define the behaviour or a param of the stylesheets? I think either would make sense. (But at least the default stylesheets don't offer this functionality.)

globally they do

  <doc xmlns="" class="toc" type="string">
      <desc>Depth to which table of contents is constructed.</desc>

  <xsl:param name="tocDepth">5</xsl:param>

not on a per <div> basis, though

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