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> I downloaded new versions of tei_all.*, and before checking them into version control checked their license. Am I right in thinking that the license on these is the same as the "TEI material" license in the footer of ?
> Since these kinds of schemas are commonly included into other projects and otherwise independently distributed, wouldn't in make sense to include the licensing information embedded in the files themselves?

it's an interesting question. tei_all.odd is an example customization of the TEI, which assembles together bits from the TEI source;
if the TEI claims ownership the result, it will claim ownership of your customization result as well, which seems a bit weird. How would
we distinguish the bits you added from the bits which came from the TEI?

the license statement you see in tei_all.rng comes from the <availability> element in tei_all.odd, so we'd have to change that

I have a nasty feeling that this has all been discussed before, but my sieve-like memory has lost any trace of it.
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