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> A couple days late, but this month's Fiat Lingua is an undergraduate thesis on the status of the Esperanto speaking community (and I believe a couple of

>>>Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty described
his language, Logopandecteision, whose name literally means “gold out
of dung,” as
“a most exquisite jewel, more precious than a diamond inchased in gold, the like
whereof was never seen in any age,” but he had more praise for what his language
was allegedly capable of than details about how exactly it would do it
(Okrent 2009:

Someone who knows Greek better than I do can perhaps correct me on
this, but I'm pretty sure "gold out of dung" is the gloss of
"Ekskybalauron", the *other* book Urquhuart wrote about his conlang.
"Logopandecteision" glosses as something more like
"word-all-acceptable".  And I'm not sure he intended either of those
book titles, "Logopandecteision" or "Ekskybalauron", as the actual
name of his language, any more than "Dr. Esperanto" originally
intended "Esperanto" to be the name of his "Internacia Lingvo".

Ms. Solis's comment on the language in the last clause of her sentence
there is spot-on, however.

I don't have Arika Okrent's book handy so I"m not sure if Solis is
simply repeating an error on Okrent's part about the name of
Urquhart's language, or if she's misunderstood Okrent.

I'll send some more nitpicky comments offlist.

Jim Henry