From page 28 of* In the land of invented languages* by Arika Okrent:

    "[Scotsman Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty] published two works on this
language--*Ekskubalauron*, or "Gold out of Dung," in 1652; and
or, An Introduction to the Universal Language*, in 1653."


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> Someone who knows Greek better than I do can perhaps correct me on this,
> but I'm pretty sure "gold out of dung" is the gloss of "Ekskybalauron", the
> *other* book Urquhuart wrote about his conlang.
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> ἐκ (ἐξ) ek(s) = from out of
> το σκύβαλον (to skúbalon) = dung
> I don’t know the word “auron”.  The closest word to that that I know is
> “αὔρα” which means ‘breeze’.
> Of course, “aurum” is the Latin word for ‘gold’.  The Greek word is χρῡςός
>  (chrysós).
> “Gold from dung” as a meaning of ‘ekskybalauron’ sounds like a folk
> etymology to me.
> Charlie