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> I don't have a conworld nor a conculture, but I'm going to
> take this
> opportunity to ask if any of you have exonym(s) and
> endonym(s) for
> your conlang. And if the conlang name that you present to us
> happens to be an exonym because the "real name" is too difficult.

One conlang that I've presented in the past is Talarian, which is not the 
name the Talarians call it. They call it Tenxwwar Haryuša, or Noble Speech;
but most foreigners call it by the name of the people. They call themselves
"Talaryas", or Lords of the Land, and it is from that name that most other
folks devise their names for the language.

Tit for tat: regardless of whatever endonyms others have for their own
languages, Talarians call them "Tenxxwar X" where X is their own special
manglement of the name for the foreigners: Tenxwwar █stumuša = 
Avantimannish (which the Avantiman call "Thietish"); Tenxwwar Rűmuša =
Rumeliard (the Rumelians call it Ruman); Tenxwwar Nűmiteruša = Lucarian
(even though Numiter- seems to be derived from the western Reman name 
Numidia). They also call it Tenxwwar Parazanuša, which makes a little more
sense, given that modern Reme/Kemeteia is almost synonymous with its home 
contintent, Phazzanea.