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Patrick Dunn <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> H. sapiens evolved about 200,000 ybp, and the commonly accepted date
> for the start of language is between 30,000 and 100,000 ybp.  Why is
> that?  Why wouldn't one simply assume that H. sapiens had language
> from the get-go? What's the evidence for such a late date?
How about these words for Proto-Sapiens?

PIE *akʷa 'water', Lezghian (Caucasian) qqʷaz 'rain', Newari
(Sino-Tibetan) kʰwo 'river', Proto-Australian *gugu 'water', Quileute
(Amerind) kwāya 'water', Damot (Cushitic) agʷo 'water', Nymang
(Nilo-Saharan) kwe 'water', /kamaka !ke (Khoisan) k''wã 'drink'

English snout/sniff/snot, Georgian sun 'smell', Tamil cuṇṭu 'beak', Avar
(Caucasian) ssunt' 'snuff', Karen (Sino-Tibetan) suŋ 'odour', Santa
Cruz (Amerind) sūnta 'snot', Egyptian śn 'smell', Zagawa (Nilo-Saharan)
sina 'nose', Nama (Khoisan) suni 'sniff, smell'.

Monogenesis rules!