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> wrote:

> There exists a people who should all speak a loglan and that is the
> Vulcans.

But the Vulcans of Star Trek do NOT exist. Similarly, Klingons do not
exist, even though their are fluent speakers of Klingon.


I discussed this elsewhere and those who know more about Star Trek than
> seem to be saying that there is too much already written about Vulcans and
> their space elvish language, but I think real world Vulcans would either
> convert their natural language to a loglan or write one from scratch.
> And that's all I'll say because we're too close to auxlang advocacy and
> that would require switching to the other mailing list to continue the
> discussion.
> >Do you think it would be good that everyone be able to speak a loglan? I
> >have been arguing all night on this. Personally I think it would be good.
> >If you want me to define what I mean by good, let me know, but for now I
> let
> >you define it has you want.
> >-Mat