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> A well-know problem with poetry in Esperanto is that you can only
> rhyme words of the same class. But there are natlangs that only have

This is not quite true: you can rhyme nouns with an elided final -o
with pronouns and other closed-class words.  E.g.,

Kion fari?  En malgaj'
mi ekfoliumis
vian poemaron, kaj...
poste viv' re-lumis.

(from "Letero al Aleksandro Logvin", by William Auld)

Another aspect of poetry in Esperanto is that it's considered bad form
to rhyme just on grammatical endings and suffixes; it's called

There's been a lot of good rhymed, metrical poetry written in
Esperanto, especially from the 1920s through the 1950s.  Poetry is
still being written in Esperanto, of course, but my impression is that
around the 1960s free verse became fashionable in Esperanto, as it had
in English a few decades earlier.

Jim Henry