la'o me. John Q .me cusku di'e
> Selpa'i wrote:
>> Doesn't this mean that Ithkuil doesn't allow context to take care
>> of tenses for example? If not specifying tense means that it has
>> the default tense (say, present tense), we can't use the same form
>> to be vague about tense.
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> Correct (although your choice of tense as an example could be better
> in regard to Ithkuil, as the language has no such category, the
> nearest equivalent being Perspective and Aspect).


> Ithkuil categories
> must be overtly specified (albeit often by their default zero-marked
> forms/values) as opposed to being inferred from context.

It is humbling to face eight categories for nouns and *22* categories 
for verbs, all of which are mandatory. I have to admit: It's a serious 
challenge. A very serious challenge. But I'm still not convinced it's 
impossible :P (A case of denial maybe haha)

mu'o mi'e la selpa'i