I have made a few attempts in the past to "learn" Ithkuil; what I really 
did was that I read through some of the intro pages and then gave up in 
frustration each time. But for some reason, it all seems much easier 
this time around. I'm not nearly as confused, and most importantly, I 
now believe that it's possible to learn this language. Something which I 
highly doubted before.

Now I'll be trying to get the Grammar of Ithkuil from, hoping 
that shipping to Europe won't cause problems or huge delays.

I'm wondering, however. There seems to be surprisingly little talk about 
Ithkuil on the net or on this list. There is no Ithkuil mailing list, no 
IRC channel, no youtube videos, no learning resources other than the 
Reference Grammar. Even Gua\spi seems to have a bigger web presence, and 
it was revived only some months ago by myself. Why is there so little 
activity, so little output? There clearly are people out there that have 
a serious interest in Ithkuil; I am aware of the reddit and facebook 
groups, and that there is a community of Russian enthusiasts, and yet, 
it seems that no texts have been translated into Ithkuil (e.g. The 
Little Prince).

Is it simply that people are overwhelmed by Ithkuil? Or are they not 
motivated enough? Is the general opinion really that it cannot be 
learned? Because I actually doubt that. It is a very difficult language, 
no question, but other than that, there are polysynthetic natural 
languages with similarly complex morphologies, and there are also 
natural languages with similarly complex phonologies.

I do think that it would be extremely helpful to have some more didactic 
tutorials, preferably written by John Qijada himself, as he is the only 
one that can be trusted. I also know how busy life can get, and how 
little time there is sometimes left for such things.

I am reminded of a semi-serious suggestion I once made in the Lojban 
community: Set out a cash prize for the first (or any) person to achieve 
complete spoken fluency in Lojban. The same idea works for any underused 
language, like Ithkuil. Of course, Lojban has the LLG behind them, which 
could pay this prize (in theory), whereas there is no such institution 
for Ithkuil. It would have to be crowd-funded. (As I said, half-joking, 
but not entirely)

Lastly, a hypothetical: What would happen if a person did manage to 
learn Ithkuil to a decent level, such that they could speak the language 
mabye not to 100% of its potential, but well enough to not need a 
dictionary, and well enough to converse relatively freely in/about 
everyday situations? Would anybody care? Would this person be a "hero"? 
I have no idea.

So these are just some of my thoughts about the current state of 
Ithkuil. Feedback is appreciated.

mu'o mi'e la selpa'i