Well, you can't have just one.  You need at least two so you can have
syntax, or it's not a language.

A conlang is a model of a language.  How much detail does it need?  As much
as you wish to give it.  A lot of conlangs only have a few hundred words.
Others have thousands.  If you're aiming for a sense of naturalistic
"completeness," then aim for in the tens of thousands, I suppose.  If
you're aiming for usefulness, aim for a few thousand.

But if conlanging is just a matter of counting words, well, that seems a
bit dull to me.

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> Stay between 1 and infinite (1 and infinite included) :)
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> Objet : Word Limit
> Is there a limit on how many words can be in a conlang? I'm creating my
> lexicon, and am wondering what are the pros and cons of having these be the
> only words and prases in the language?
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