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On Tuesday 15 January 2013 02:44:38 Padraic Brown wrote:

> --- On Mon, 1/14/13, Paul Schleitwiler, FCM <[log in to unmask]> 
> > Perhaps Neanderthals were too busy discussing their conjectures on the
> > origin of language to be bothered innovating new stone tools.
> > Or creating new forms of philosophy through dance, thus leaving no
> > artifacts to show their superiority to H. Sap. in art and thought.
> Quite so! There is only one certainty we can have about such discussions
> as this, with all its conjecture: we can never know, can never even more
> than come up with the most hopeless of guesses about the reality of
> Neanderthal language. Too far away in time and nothing against which to
> compare.
> Barring a time machine or some of Joerg's Neanderthals living in the
> Caucasus somewhere,

Not really "my" Neanderthals, rather the cryptozoologists'.
I scrapped my plans for a Neanderthal language in the Caucasus
because I felt I could not do them justice.

> there is simply no way to get any real data from which
> to study that which is otherwise long blown away in the winds of an
> earlier age.
> Now, if we were in the World, we could always try to use Fizzlewynd's
> clever little device, the quadrimorphic fabonigraph. Working from the
> notions of anemoic resonances and memories, Fizzlewynd sought to capture
> and record the voices he was sure were flying among the winds.

A similar method ("acoustic recall") is mentioned in one of the
dialogs in Douglas R. Hofstadter's _GŲdel, Escher, Bach_, but
in this world at least, it would be utterly monkeywrenched by
Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, if I understand those matters
correctly.  But Fizzlewynd's device may have exploited morphic
resonances, or whatever.

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