George <<I have not heard of this term.  There is a word 老 lao3 that simply means "old".  Are you perhaps talking about 孝 xiao4 "filial piety"?>>

Sorry I don't know. I've only repeated what was said in the video, which might be false.

Chris <<First off, strictly speaking, there is no Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Neither Sapir nor Whorf ever wrote down anything that they declared to be their hypothesis.>>

I know :/ Should I call it something else? I have only use this term because most people seem to be using it, and I wanted to be understood.

Chris <<How do you separate linguistic issues from cultural ones?>>

Right, even people learning the language as a second one might have to learn some of the culture at the same time. So it seems like culture, language and thoughts all influences each other.