> It could also
>> be that Esperanto is just like Volapük squared, and the next big thing
>> will dwarf what we have now in the same way that x looks tiny to x
>> squared which looks tiny to x to the power of 3.
> Except that Esperanto has been Volapük squared at least six times
> longer than Volapük was Volapük to the first. Perhaps the Great
> Prophet Zarkwon will unveil the One True Auxlang when he returns;
> perhaps we'll devise a proper warp drive tomorrow. It's just not
> likely, and it shouldn't be invoked as a live possibility without good
> evidence in its favor. We've been waiting over a century for the Next
> Big Thing; we may continue to try our luck, but it's probably time to
> stop holding our breath.
> Steve

I might agree were it not for languages like Klingon and Na'vi having created a community of speakers without even trying. Ithkuil as well. If an IAL were to appear that combined practical use with whatever it is that intoxicates people about the others there's no reason it couldn't be Esperanto squared. I'm much less pessimistic about these things than most here. All we have for evidence of a lack of interest in an IAL is the early 20th-century golden age, interrupted by two wars and a few decades of seeming English hegemony. The next era, whatever it is, is about to begin.