Subject: Patient Call Backs

Does any ED have a formal patient call-back program?  I am specifically
interested to know which facility has a program in place and for what
purpose.  Is it for patient satisfaction or risk reduction, both or other
 (research project e.g.) ?  Who oversees the program?  Is it the Physician
group or nursing or other (patient relations dept for example)?  Who
specifically makes the calls?  (ie doctor- attending, fellow, resident,
nurse, secretary, patient relations, social work, other?)  How are patients
identified/ enrolled and if for patient satisfaction- is there an absolute
number (or %) of patients per call or month you seek to contact? What has
been the experience/ results?  (positive, negative, not worth the effort,
etc).  What would you do differently if you could?

Feel free to pare this down as you see fit.  I appreciate the opportunity
to post this.



Scott H. Freedman, MD, FACEP, FAAP
Medical Director,  Pediatric Quality
Medical Emergency Professionals
Germantown, Maryland

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