We have and established call back program for several years.  It has been
extremely successful
and a great patient and physician satisfier.  Thanks to Milwaukee who helped
establish our program.
My answers to your questions are found below. Feel free to contact me or I
can get you in touch with our CNS who is instrumental in running the

Tom Krzmarzick
Medical Director 
Dayton Childrens

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Subject: Patient Call Backs

Subject: Patient Call Backs

Does any ED have a formal patient call-back program?  I am specifically
interested to know which facility has a program in place and for what
purpose.  Is it for patient satisfaction or risk reduction, both or other
(research project e.g.) ?  

We  have a formal program that consists of experienced nurses who  work 7
days a week.  The purpose is for risk management and patient satsifaction:
1.  Do lab and xray followup
2.  Call back designated high risk patients as determined by the providers.
3.  Call back high risk groups (rule out sepsis that was discharged home,
bronchiolitis, abdominal pain)
4.  Call back lower risk groups as time allows.
5. Field all incoming calls from patients that have been seen within 48

Who oversees the program?  
The ED medical director and ED CNS oversee the program.

Who specifically makes the calls?  

The calls are made by an experienced nurse.  This is her only
We have found that we have become so busy that asking the physicians or
nurses to do this along with patient care was impossible. We staff ~10 hours
a day, every day.  We are asking for more FTEs this year so we can make some
early evening calls.

How are patients identified/ enrolled and if for patient satisfaction- is
there an absolute number (or %) of patients per call or month you seek to

Mandatory functions (we call them tier one) include  followup on the daily
outstanding labs and xrays, all patients that receive an outreach nurse
referral by a provider or nurse must be called and all patients who are in
our high risk category must be called.  We then have a tiered system of
patient dx or complaints that are called if we have time.

 What has been the experience/ results?  (positive, negative, not worth the
effort, etc).

Extremely positive by patients, nursing and physician staff.  The outreach
nurse has become indispensable. I wouldn't want to run an ED without them.
They seem to accumulate more duties as time goes on

  What would you do differently if you could?

Hire more of them so we can contact all of our patients.

Feel free to pare this down as you see fit.  I appreciate the opportunity to
post this.



Scott H. Freedman, MD, FACEP, FAAP
Medical Director,  Pediatric Quality
Medical Emergency Professionals
Germantown, Maryland

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