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> > You might be interested in _The American Sign Language Handshape
> Starter: A
> > Beginner's Guide_, by Richard A. Tennant and Marianne Gluszak Brown,
> > 9781563681301. Except for the initial division into subject categories,
> > it's pretty good.
> Does it cross-reference the signs in a series from their initializing
> sign? E.g. ASL HELP gives rise to initialized things like THERAPY;
> FOOD -> LUNCH, DINNER, BREAKFAST, etc. They're a change of handshape
> but it's on-the-fly productive and clearly based on a semantic
> clustering.

No, it's organized into the 20 categories, then the signs are ordered by
number of hands used, handshape, then by the other features. There is an
English-ASL index at the back, but no other reference or coordinating


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