On 2013-02-07 12:36, Leonardo Castro wrote:
> Au, saule miu!
> Ma n’atu saule
> cchiù bellu, ai ne’
> ’au saule miu
> sta nfraunte a ti!’
> au saule
> ’au saule miu
> sta nfraunte a ti,
> sta nfraunte a ti!
> ---
> Mairica-Mairica
> Mairica, Mairica, Mairica,
> caussa saràlu 'sta Mairica?
> Mairica, Mairica, Mairica,
> un bail mazzulinu di fiaur.

I actually thought of that after Jörg's comment:

Sicilian had no diphthongization so that the product of
the merger of Latin _ĭ_ and _ē_ into /e/ just merged
with /i/ from _ī_, and stressed _ĕ_ just remained /ɛ/,
while unstressed _ĕ_ actually became /i/, and the
development of the back vowels was parallel. So I
imagined a language where stressed _ĕ_ and _ŏ_ also
just became /a/ so that you would have:

| rēge > ri(g)i
| pĕde > pedi   > padi
| vōtu > vutu
| fŏcu > focu   > facu

Now in a great part of Romance /ɛ/ and /ɔ/ diphthongize
either in open syllables or everywhere, or just under
certain conditions and in smaller parts /e/ and/or /o/
as well diphthongize in open syllables and/or under
other conditions so you may get results like

| rēge  > rei(g)e > rai
|                 > roi > roe > rua
| pĕde  > pie(d)e > pia(de)
| vōtu  > voutu   > vut / vaut
|       > voatu   > vuatu
| fŏcu  > fuocu   > fue- / fua-

I guess _roi_ could also have gone to /rui/ and then
on to /ruɛ/ > /rua/ but the fact is that results such
as /oi/, /o/, /(o)ɛ/ are attested but /ui/ is
attested nowhere.

So one would have to decide *when* and *where* this
language arose and get different *how*s depending. You
would also have to decide when this happened relative
to palatalization, and if one also adopted the (quite
unrealistic) idea that unstressed _ĕ, ŏ_ became /a/
before stressed vowels, relative to loss of final /u/
and /e/ if that occurred. You could get several
interesting languages on the proposition of "a Romlang
with only three vowel qualities"!


> 2013/2/1 BPJ <[log in to unmask]>:
>> Now don't you go and give me any crazy ideas, you hear me! ;-)
>> Den torsdagen den 31:e januari 2013 skrev Jörg Rhiemeier:
>>> Hallo conlangers!
>>> On Wednesday 30 January 2013 18:35:00 BPJ wrote:
>>>> Sicilian comes close with
>>>> ī ĭ ē > i
>>>> ū ŭ ō > u
>>>> ā ă > a
>>>> Had only ĕ ŏ merged with a it would have been a done deal.
>>> That would be a lostlang idea.  A romlang with only three vowel
>>> qualities!
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