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On Monday 04 February 2013 22:00:52 Jeffrey Brown wrote:

>  JŲrg Rhiemeier said:
> > And for Arabic, we have a pretty serviceable transcription
> > system developed by the Deutsche Morgenlšndische Gesellschaft,
> > which is in international use.  There really is no good reason,
> > in these days of most computers being capable of handling the
> > required diacritics, not to use that for a morphologically
> > simplified Arabic.
> Yeah, the orthography of Sim-Arabic is sort of ugly. DIN 31635 (the
> transliteration standard of the Deutsche Morgenlšndische Gesellschaft) is a
> lot prettier - but it is not easier to use. It needs the following
> diacritics: macron above, macron below, dot above, dot below, caron above,
> breve below - and these special characters: right half ring, left half
> ring. It is a pain in the neck to type.

Sure, it is not easy to type, so one may want to use something
different.  Maybe like this:

'/^a b t _t ^g .h ^h d _d r z s ^s .s .d .t .z ` .g f q k l m n h w/^u y/^i

All symbols are derived from the DIN 31635 conventions, and listed
above in the order of the Arabic abjad.  I guess something similar
has been in use in e-mails among orientalists when diacritics still
caused problems.

It still is not pretty, but IMHO less ugly than mixed case, and
the relationship to DIN 31635 quite obvious.

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