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> Hallo conlangers!
> On Wednesday 30 January 2013 18:35:00 BPJ wrote:
> > Sicilian comes close with
> >
> > ī ĭ ē > i
> > ū ŭ ō > u
> > ā ă > a
> >
> > Had only ĕ ŏ merged with a it would have been a done deal.
> That would be a lostlang idea.  A romlang with only three vowel
> qualities!
Syrunian is half-way there with four vowels: i, e, u and a, and [i] and
[e~ɛ] are in the process of falling together already.

Pure [e] only exists in the Construct State (from the Latin genitive) for
nouns, where it inflects with this pattern: Root_vowel—Ø—e
Adjectives in the construct state, however, use [i] not [e]: V—Ø—i.
In unstressed positions, [e~ə] is almost silent (like modern Hebrew's
shva-vowel), but still triggers spirantisation of plosives.
Stressed [e~ɛ] exists together with Ayin, as either [eʕ] or [eʔ]. these are
allophonic to [aʔ].

I should also note that Syrunian is struggling to survive the spread of
Arabic in the Near East. Arabic is the main reason for the instability of
vowels in the language.

paħm'Ellah tecum,

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