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I'm in Paris right now and I've noted that, while some Brazilian
friends of mine that are also here tend to speak French faster making
many mistakes, I speak it more slower because I think more about how I
should build the sentences right. But I feel that sometimes people
might be impatient with such a slow speech.

Which approach do you think is better while speaking foreign languages?

RM Speak as fast as you ability allows.... I'm sure that in France, if you make a mistake they will correct you :-))))

BTW, sometimes I'm just prepared to speak some verb in the Future
tense but then I remember the discussion about French diglossia in
this list and I recede, but I just can rapidly remember how to speak
in an informal way what I just wanted to speak. Especially, I spend
sometimes thinking "Which auxiliar verb should I use, 'avoir' or

RM The rule of thumb IIRC is: avoir with transitive verbs, Ítre with intransitives. I think the same in Italian, as well as German, but it's hard to keep that in mind if you're a less-than-fluent speaker. But I wonder if Fr., Ital, Germ. etc speakers make mistakes sometimes too....??? It's not the rule in† Span. or Port. thank G*d.