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> On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 3:01 PM, Logan Kearsley <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Commented on G+, and here for coverage: yes.
>> Mev Pailom is the language I've been working on together with my wife.
> What's the extent of her participation?

Primarily, she is a filter for actual usage- whatever she remembers,
correctly or incorrectly, is canon, and whatever she forgets is
mutable. Prior to the filtering-through-memory stage, though, she
occasionally makes up new lexical items and she tells me whether my
designed ideas sound good or bad (and thus whether it should be
attempted to enter them into usage or not).

The language is not yet particularly productive. It has been stuck for
a long time at the stage of having many frequently-usable memorized
phrases and sentences, but there isn't much creation of new sentences
in discourse yet. I suspect part of this is due to having several
basic syntactic structures that are just really hard to "use into
being" without some planning and design which we have never come up
with a good design for. I might end up asking the list for ideas on
some of those, actually.

>> The process has been enlightening in several ways. I do mean to get
>> documentation available on the web at some point, but it's just not
>> anywhere near *complete* yet....
> *laugh* That shouldn't be a constraint. It's never going to be
> "complete"; get over it. :-P

Oh yes, I know; it's just that I had a certain minimum standard in
mind for what I wanted to document when I got started, and that
minimum standard has not been met. The reasons for that are among the
enlightening things that I have learned.