I forgot Erin & Logan Kearsley in the list.

However, my friend Yonatan Zunger brought up[1] an interesting
question: how many conlangers are there, total?

ZBB has 2412 registered users. CONLANG-L has 920 subscribers. LJ
conlangs has 701; FB conlangs ~900; G+ conlangers ~138. There's
unknown overlap and duplication on all those, and an unknown
proportion of conlangers who don't know about and/or don't participate
in the online community.

So how many of us are there? (And what proportion are queer?) Maybe 5
couples isn't actually a small number, considering.

Also, what're the attempt and success rates of conlangers trying to
get their (not-previously-conlanging) partners involved? Given the
paucity of such couples, I have to presume the success rate is pretty
abysmal. :-/

- Sai


On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 11:41 AM, Sai <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> * Speaking of conlanging couples, what's a full enumeration? (Given
> the sparsity, let's be maximally generous with what counts.)
> I know of:
> Bob & Nora LeChevalier, creators of Lojban
> Irina & Boudewijn Rempt, creators of Valdya, Andal, Charya (also,
> Boudewijn authored
> Brett Williams & I X Key, creators of 5B
> Alex Fink & me, creators of UNLWS and Gripping
> Are there really only 4 such couples in the world?
> sources: