Sort of.  Definitely father, lava, and calm have the same vowel as each 
other, while bother has a different vowel than those, and daughter, 
author, and dawn all have the same vowel as each other but not the same 
as either of the first two sets.

Working it over in my mind (and my mouth) I believe the vowel in bother 
is about midway between the vowel in father and the vowel in daughter.

The omp words (stomp, romp) have the father vowel.

long, song, log, dog, moth, coffee, lost, often, boss, bosky, and mosque 
have the daughter vowel (CAUGHT)

sock, lodge, Don, wasp, hospital have the father vowel (COT)

folly, follow, ponder, watch, squash have the bother vowel.

Caveat: I'm doing my best to run through these and say them and think 
about them, so I hope I'm accurately reflecting my dialect.

Also, I think this is where I get to realize that my Western 
Massachusetts roots are still there, as I know native Vermonters would 
say some of these differently than I do.  My own dialect is somewhat of 
a mashup of my father's Hamden County urban dialect and the hill town 
dialect from Hampshire County where I grew up. Another interesting 
example of this is the term I use for the soft ice cream they often 
serve in cones that comes out of a machine. People from Hampshire County 
northward all the way up to and through Vermont refer to those as a 
"creemee".  To people in Hamden County and southward they are a 
"softserve".  Friends who grew up barely 20 miles south of where I did 
had no idea what a creemee was, while I never saw a sign in our area 
growing up advertising softserve.

On 02/12/2013 06:21 PM, And Rosta wrote:
> Tony Harris, On 12/02/2013 22:31:
>> Hmm.
>> Sob, Bomb, and Mop all definitely have the COT vowel. Sconce does too 
>> if you know what it is and how to pronounce it, otherwise it's 
>> probably /skOwns/.
>> To me, BOTHER has the same vowel as CAUGHT, not COT. COT, hot, tot, 
>> not, knot, pot, rot, are all the same vowel. CAUGHT, bought, wrought, 
>> fought, taut, nought (but not NOT), and ought are all the same as 
>> each other, but not the same as COT.
> This has me trawling my bookshelves in search of info on Vermontese 
> (but without finding anything describing what you report).
> So for you, _father, lava, calm, bother, daughter, author, dawn_ have 
> the same vowel, and you have it in -omp and -onk words too, and this 
> vowel is different from the vowel in _sob, bomb, mop, cot_? 
> Fascinating. Which one is in _long, song, log, dog, sock, watch, 
> squash, lodge, fond, moth, folly, follow, fodder, ponder, Don, coffee, 
> lost, often, boss, wasp, hosp(ital), bosky, mosque_?
> What a confounding mess! What a relief it must be to enter Canada and 
> bask in the untroubling shallows of its comparative phonological 
> simplicity!
> --And.
>> On 02/12/2013 05:17 PM, And Rosta wrote:
>>>>> A question about ONLY people who rhyme FATHER& BOTHER but 
>>>>> distinguish COT
>>>>> from CAUGHT:
>>>>> I. Which of the following statements is truest:
>>>>> In words spelt<-omp> and<-onk>
>>>>> (2) the CAUGHT vowel in all such words
>>> Tony (2) [perplexing! -- Tony: what words have the COT vowel? Sob? 
>>> Bomb? Blond? Sconce? Mop? Or does BOTHER not have the COT vowel?]