Hallo conlangers!

On Tuesday 12 February 2013 03:29:59 Gary Shannon wrote:

> For my money, quality trumps quantity, and it's my humble opinion (as
> a male conlanger) that female conlangers have created some
> significantly better conlangs. (Don't ask me to explain my criteria.
> This is just my gut reaction: "Women's conlangs are, as a rule, better
> conlangs.")

This may be true (Kēlen and Teonaht come to mind).  I have seen
many poor conlangs made by males but few by females, but I cannot
put the finger on it.

I got a similar impression with role-playing games, where women
are a minority but seem to be better roleplayers with richer and
deeper characters, more creative and less violent strategies, and
less powergaming.

It seems that women are overall less "nerdy" than men, and good
conlanging (as well as good roleplaying) requires "un-nerdy"
qualities.  Of course, conlanging and RPGs are activities that
are widely considered "nerdy", such that many of those who could
perform better do not enter them in the first place.  This is
probably also the reason why so few women do these things.

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