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>On 8 February 2013 19:10, Leonardo Castro <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Do you know any "ranking" of the languages and language families that
>> contributed the most with somewhat internationally recognized
>> morphemes (including loanwords, roots, preffixes, etc.) 
>I think this is too subjective for any coherent 'international lexicon"
>list to be formed.

Naw, I bet you could say something.  For instance, you could compute an approximation, or at least an approximation of a slightly different question -- by going to the World Loanword Database <> and counting the number of entries each language has there as a donor language.  (There might even be an easy way to do that directly from the website.  I haven't checked.)

Their distinctions among immediate, intermediate, and earlier donors also reveals an ambiguity in the question: which of these counts for you?  For instance, probably lots of languages have borrowed "television" from English, but the word was formed in French, from a mixture of Latin and Greek elements; which of those are you counting?