Print and are a filmmaker
couple working on a full-length documentary about conlang(er)s.

They're intending to be at LCC5

(If you have any hesitancy about being there because of this, please
don't; LCC is awesome and you should come. Part of LCC policy has
always been that journalists must disclose and get consent from people
they intend to record, so you'd be free to opt out.

If you *do* want to participate, it's an easy opportunity to do so.)

Some previous work of theirs that's useful to watch for reference:
(done together — how they met, actually) (the full version can also be gotten
elsewhere; Nick's) (ditto; Tamara's)
(ditto; also one they co-made) (Tamara's)

I talked with them about the project at length a couple days ago, to
figure out what their story is intended to be, what kind of
"characters" they would have, etc.

My sense of it is fairly positive, with the usual caveat that one
never knows how it'll turn out and editing is powerful. Their work
historically has been very good and professional (the 9/11 doc was …
rather overdramatized, but evidently not by their preference).

Their current idea is to have an "ensemble cast" à la No Time For
School, with different "characters" (e.g. Alex & I would likely be one
"character", jointly) representing different aspects of the craft,
different motivations, etc. Their preference is to get it funded such
that they can make it independently, go the film circuit route, and
then get picked up for broadcast.

Personal lives would be included to the extent that they're relevant
motivationally — e.g. for us it'd presumably talk about the fact that
we're a conlanging couple, that that's rare*, that it's joint work
that's part of our relationship, involves similar kind of negotiation,
etc. but not so much about other aspects of our relationship (eg what
we're going to do once Alex goes to London in September for his

Similarly, personal psychology that's relevant would be included —
e.g. that for me UNLWS is in part exploration-oriented, not
goal-oriented; it's driven by a curiosity about what language can do
at the edges, especially since I see whole swaths of things that are
totally unexplored, like "what would storytelling be like when you
don't control the order of presentation".

I think they'll want to get film of people in the creative process,
though of course that's rather hard to get naturally; we can't
necessarily control when we feel inspired. :-P I think that's also
part of the motivation for their attending LCC5 — seeing it as an
exchange of ideas, collaborative work of a sort, etc.

If you want to get in contact, their emails are on their websites.

I'd suggest that any of us involved in this project (privately)
discuss with each other how it goes, what to expect, our boundaries,
experience, etc., to make things a bit more comfortable for all.

If you're participating (or intending to), please ping me so I can
include you in such discussions.

- Sai

* Speaking of conlanging couples, what's a full enumeration? (Given
the sparsity, let's be maximally generous with what counts.)

I know of:
Bob & Nora LeChevalier, creators of Lojban
Irina & Boudewijn Rempt, creators of Valdya, Andal, Charya (also,
Boudewijn authored
Brett Williams & I X Key, creators of 5B
Alex Fink & me, creators of UNLWS and Gripping

Are there really only 4 such couples in the world?