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> On 2013-03-07 at 15:12:15 -0500, Matthew George wrote:
> > Why bother creating a system to make less work for slaves?  They're
> *slaves*
> > .
> >
> > Or so I presume the Romans would have thought.
> because slaves are *expensive*, expecially the well-educated ones
> that are able to do arithmetics.

You also probably don't want to skimp on comforts for educated slaves,
since they'll probably be tutoring your children.

> Also, they were the kind of slave who tended to have some
> freedom of action, and they could have created the system
> for themselves.

Makes sense

> Roman slaves were somewhat more similar to today's wage workers
> (ranging from abused menial laborers to respected professionals
> with good chances to retire / buy their freedom and get rich)
> than modern-era slaves (who I believe were mainly in the
> menial-work area of jobs).

I think most people think of the slavery that occurred in the Americas up
until the Civil War, which was definitely focused on menial labor, as well
as some use as household servants.  What I hear about most as regards
slavery right now is in the sex trade, but I don't know how big a part of
the whole black market of human trafficking that is.