The kind of language you want to launch will demand the way you launch it.

What I understand from Angos is that it is a language where you don't
recognize anything. this means that you have to have a story to tell about
the langauge. Klingon has that story. What kind of story does Angos have.

The story might be that community the author talked about.

Is it correct to compare the revival of Hebrew with Zamenhof's creation of
Esperanto? What speaks in favour of ouch a camparison is that they are more
or less simultaneous. I don't remember who on this list said that Hebrew is
very definitely founded in European languages, in spite of its Semitic
vocabulary. Wouldn't angos be as much English, because the creator is an
English speaker. I guess that even if you take language elements from all
languages of the world, the question will be how much you can be neutral in
composing the langauge.

Is the similarity between Modern Hebrew and Esperanto that they were very
much inspired by European languages. There are many proponents of Esperanto
who emphasize the extra-European potential of Esperanto, through its
agglutinative character.

Both Esperanto and Hebrew build on knowledge that the potential users are
supposed to have. Esperanto through the classical school grammar, Hebrew
users through use of Hebrew in worship etc.

The at sight languages like Interlingua and Interlingue – also known as
Occidental – are supposed to be understood, at least in writing – by any
educated European or American (from the whole continent).

For Komunikando (or Communicando, if you will) I have toyed with the idea
of isoglosses. The larger territory a word covers, the more it should be
admitted into Komunikando. Here my limited knowledge of languages are an
obstacle. Words like i for "and", e for "is" are just a beginning.
Interlingua-English dictionary can also be used.

Unfortunately I have never seen any practical use of Novial in texts
directed to the public as a whole. The internet could provide the
possibilites to test this.

To summarize, the (kind of) language you want to propagate will determine
the way you do launch it.

Ego regarda komunikando in li kvalitá de mi personal internationali

Kjell R