> I can't decide a name of the language I have been sketching for a long
> time. Those are some patterns of language name I have recognized:
> A. "language-spoken-by-people-X": English, Fran├žais, Portugu├¬s,
> tlhIngan Hol (?), etc.

I'm all over the map on this. Siye and Ulok, both Martian tongues, mean "speech/to speak". The other Martian language, Utu Nes, the extinct language of the Ulok capital of the Kingdom of Nesa has name that relates to dreaming (maybe; the records are sparse). Koha, believe it or not, is ultimately from "(die) Deutsche (Sprache)", but in Koha is just the Koha name for Koha (German is "ki Koha ho Elopa" - "the Koha of Europe"). Na'gifi Fasu'xa means "Common Tongue". Cheyoon (also known as Mermish) might mean something, but I don't know what. Fortunatian and its various translations is the name of the place where Fortunatian is spoken. Wy 'Luthwy (a crude Hellenic analog to Brithenig) means "The Speech". Kingspeech is an exonym applied to the speech of the Kingsmen by the Transpositive Men. I don't recall what the the Ri' of naReNga Ri' is, and my dictionary is at home, but naReNga means tongue. Gweiric is an ethnonym as well as a language name, and its older name, Lahabic, just means "of the island".  Ngiaera (not yet posted) is a name I picked to illustrate some of the salient features of Ngiaera. And of course, many are just "numbered conlangs".

> B. "good language": Toki Pona, Nhengatu, etc.
> C. "universal/international/World language": Mundolinco,
> Universalglot, Interlingua, etc.
> D. some nice sounding word: Esperanto, any other?
Sibulu probably falls into this one.

> E. a name related to the features of the language: Lojban, Loglan...
> F. "language-of-person-X": Xorban, any other?

> G. "this-language-I'm-speaking-right-now": this could be done with a
> specific pronoun.