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Just spoke to a colleague in another part of the UK. He has a trainee (let's say "resident") who wants to do a bit of a "project" or thesis on Emergency Medicine in socialised healthcare systems of the NON-NHS style. This trainee already is receiving contacts and information from NZ, Oz and a couple of countries in Eastern Europe.

I mentioned Israel - she has apparently not even considered it...

She wants to know a little about it to see whether it is something she will include. Does anyone have links or can write down a bit of info on any of the following?

It's OK to write it to the List itself - I'm going to get her to register on it, as I will be travelling and perhaps too busy to pass info on...

Please remember that it's about EM/PEM, not about the rest of the system...

1. What are the main characteristics of the system in terms of EM?

2. What could be considered its best highlights?

3. What is the general opinion of the population of it? (NOT the politicians)

4. What are the negatives (even if common with other countries)?

5. What are the perceptions of EPs and PEPs about their system?

6. Which would be good departments to try to visit (adult &/or paeds) if there is a chance?

7. How much of the work is done by trainees (i.e. like it is in the UK, where they do a lot, or like the USA, where they are there mainly for training)?

8. Etc...

Thanks in advance.

Please forgive if I do not send thanks to the List soon - might be away from e-mail for a bit over next few days... 		 	   		   		 	   		  
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