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Subject: [xsl] Chrome/blink developers discussing removing XSLT support
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 10:12:50 -0400
From: Chris Maloney <[log in to unmask]>
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A friend of mine just sent this out this morning, and I thought it
might be of interest to some people on this group.

This thread within the "blink-dev" discussion for Chrome's new
rendering engine ... examines the possibility of removing support for
XSLT from the browser. If so, Blink would be the first major browser
to remove support:

There is some discussion of usage on the web at large, but note Eric
Seidel's (of the Chrome team) comment from 4/23:

"My suspicion is that neither can be removed from the platform at this
time. But both are probably good opportunities for later removal or
replacement with JS-based polyfills. I expect removing the need to
ship libxslt as part of Chrome to be a small (but non-trivial) binary
size win."

Perhaps if some people here know some resources to determine usage of
XSLT on the client, and/or compelling reasons to keep this
functionality, they could weigh in.

Chris Maloney

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