I don't understand your questions. What do you mean if nightstand is somehow
integrated into the meaning?

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Any derivational process you find in a natural language (including English)
is fair game to put in your conlang.  It's more important how exactly your
portmanteaus will work, and how broad they will be.  The example you gave
could be analyzed as not even being a portmanteau (unless, of course, the
meaning of _nightstand_ is somehow integrated into the meaning).  Is this
the extent to which you want to do portmanteau, or are you planning more
radical sound blending as in the word labradoodle (derived from labrador
and poodle).

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> Are Portmanteaus recommended to put in a conlang? In other words, if I
> two words like chair and nightstand, and create the word chairstand, would
> that work in Yardish, or is it too related to English?