On May 29 you wrote: I know my screen reader goofed that one. I think you said you didn't have a clue what I wrote.

What got you confused.

THIS: (and more below)
--- On Tue, 5/28/13, Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> For example, the word noidle can be spelled noydle or noidle
> in Yardish, but in Silknish is only spelled one way:
> `n/o*id#%l$e.

RM-- OK the problem: that shows up on my screenas "grave accent + n + slash +o + asterisk + i + d + hashmark + percent sign + l + dollar sign + e"   hope your reader can read that back to you.

Padraic: What does that work out to?
RM-- Precisely the question. :-)))

Then on May 29 you wrote:
`t#c%%h$e which means frost, as in frostbite, would change to fever
> spelled tche, which wouldn't work with bite.

Which appears as: grave accent + t + hashmark + c + percent + percent + h + dollar + e .  I Don't understand the "which wouldn't work with bite" at all..............

What do all the odd symbols represent? what's the problem????