On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 05:00:02PM +0100, Scar Cvxni wrote:
> How many of your conlangs have animal noises? Do you have specific
> animal species in the worlds your languages inhabit as well?

Tatari Faran is quite onomapoeic sometimes; this can be seen in the verb
"to bark": _boha au'au_ ["bOha ?ao?ao]. "To chirp" (bird) is _tsitsit
isin_ [ts)i"ts)it ?isin]. A crow is _kauna_ ["kaona], and a chicken is
_ako'_ [?akO?].

Sadly, I haven't worked on any other animal sounds so far.

As far as natlangs go, the same animal sound may be transcribed rather
differently. For example, in English barking is variously transcribed as
"woof woof", "wuff wuff", or "bowwow", whereas in my L1 it's [wou.wou],
and in Mandarin it's [waN.waN].


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