On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 10:44:47PM -0500, Aodhán Aannestad wrote:
> Is the -en suffix also 1st person subject on verbs?

Unfortunately, I haven't got that far yet. :-P  The current lexicon
(which is listed in full in my original post as quoted below) doesn't
have any verbs yet.

I do have some vague preliminary ideas about how the grammar might work,
but it's still too early to say anything concrete about it. I'm kinda
experimenting with letting the grammar develop from the corpus, rather
than first setting out the grammar then inventing some words to fit into
the blanks, as I have done with my two other conlangs.


> On 6/26/2013 5:54 PM, H. S. Teoh wrote:
> >While the storm in the capitalization teacup blows over, I thought I'd
> >present some preliminary notes on a toy conlang that I've been doodling
> >on and off recently.
> >
> >This isn't meant to be a "serious" conlang, so I'm purposely ignoring
> >the unlikelihood of the fact that its speakers are whimsical
> >stereotypical green alien beings that look like a ball with
> >pincer-clawed arms and webbed feet with a single eye on a stalk that
> >curves from their lower back above their body, and the fact that they
> >ride in saucer-shaped spacecrafts with a hemispherical half-dome on top
> >and retractable landing gear on the bottom.
> >
> >In any case, here's the currently very scant lexicon:
> >
> >_ipf_ [Ipf]: eye.
> >_ipfen_ [Ipf@n]: my eye.
> >_mohipf_ [mo'?Ipf]: monster.
> >_gruŋ_ [grUN] or [groUN]: arms.
> >_gruŋgen_ ['grUNg@n] or [groUNg@n]: my arms.
> >_tsapjak_ [ts)a'pjak]: feet/legs.
> >_voluŋ_ [vO'lUN]: spaceship.
> >_voluŋgen_ [vO'lUNg@n]: my spaceship.
> >_qeŋ_ [ts)ʰEN]: glass. (Not 100% sure about spelling /ts)ʰ/ as _q_ yet, though.)
> >_iqeŋ_ [I'ts)ʰEN]: glass dome.
> >
> >>From this very scant corpus, one may draw the following conclusions:
> >- The language has a /pf/ consonant cluster.
> >- [ts)] may contrast with [ts)ʰ].
> >- _-en_ appears to be a 1SG possessive suffix.
> >- When _-en_ follows _ŋ_, a linking /g/ is inserted.
> >- _h_ appears to represent the glottal stop.
> >- _i-_ appears to be some kind of derivative prefix, perhaps describing
> >   a thing made from a particular material?
> >
> >Furthermore, I have in my notes that _mohipf_ is the plural of "eye" (to
> >a 1-eyed species, anything with multiple eyes is monstrous!). Which
> >implies that _mo(h)-_ is perhaps some kind of pluralizing prefix. Or
> >maybe it's _mo-_ with a linking /?/ when preceding a vowel.
> >
> >I haven't worked out any syntax yet, though. And I don't have a name for
> >the conlang yet. Any suggestions? :-P
> >
> >
> >T
> >

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